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Individuality on the water. No-one uses his boat in the same way as their mooring neighbour. And a little carelessness is sometimes enough to cause a total loss.

Our principle is quite simple: we calculate your personal fully comprehensive and liability premium in such a way that you receive the best possible service at the best possible premiums. There are special rates for specific cruising areas. Well-known manufacturers and boat types, experience and no claims are rewarded with special discounts – even in advance. We adopt your discount from the previous insurer or offer you a special discount on your motor yacht with a diesel engine. And after 5 years with no claims, we automatically halve your excess. You will see that yacht insurance from Bavaria fits like a glove.

Let us inform you about our yacht insurance and our insurance for boats and sailing boats, or have one of your colleagues advise you over the phone. You are also welcome to use our free callback service for this.

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