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Sandra Ahrabian

Today’s Bavaria AG in Grünwald, on the outskirts of Munich, is one of the most well-established specialist brokers in the yacht insurance industry. This is not an anonymous conglomerate in which one is merely a number, but it is one of the most accomplished, internationally known companies when it comes to the insurance of boats, yachts and mega yachts. We provide very personal consultation with a high degree of responsibility, which is always tailored especially to your needs.

Reliability by tradition.

When the passionate and internationally successful regatta sailor, Dieter Krautgartner, founded BAVARIA in 1973, he launched a business that was not to be a classical insurance broker, but rather a professional and accomplished supplier of special insurance products for water sports: personal, competent and as an equal.

What started forty years ago, quickly grew into a recognised company with a strong reputation. In addition to insurance for yachts, the company established the area of special insurance for aircraft in early 2000 before it was converted into a financially sound public listed company in 2012.

Today, Bavaria AG is an international and financially sound company that operates as an authorised representative exclusively for German insurers.

Bavaria AG is now run in the second generation by Dieter Krautgartner’s daughter, Sandra Ahrabian, who has set an ambitious course of expansion over the past 10 years without losing sight of her father’s credo: “Skill and a readiness for action can withstand all turbulence”.

This is proved by the continued success of BAVARIA AG, which is one of the market leaders as a specialist broker for yacht and aircraft insurance, and can enjoy the full confidence of its customers.

The rapid growth of Bavaria AG is largely based on recommendations from satisfied customers.

This has led to the insurance volume at Bavaria tripling over the last 10 years, for instance.

A clear sign for the high level of confidence in the company.

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